We track a range of different marketing and optimisation opportunities

Minimise your work, maximise your impact

  • See all sales, demand, stock and quality opportunities in one place
  • Understand and plan work depending on the urgency of your opportunities
  • See sales patterns across all your products, brands, categories and suppliers
  • Explore demand to improve poorly converting products & promote top sellers
  • Keep track of inventory to ensure stock forecasting keeps top sellers in stock
  • Quality evaluation reports to improve marketing and inventory optimisation

Cleargro provides an action led approach to sales growth

Never miss a growth opportunity again

Cleargro connects to your website inventory and compares this to your sales, demand and stock data to provide unique insights into the growth opportunities you have.

Cleargro constantly monitors and audits your data, with new opportunities created daily.

It also includes a highly sophisticated sales and demand explorer designed to help you identify trends in your data. As you explore this data you will also see opportunities tagged to each product, category, supplier and brand that you can act upon, along with detailed suggestions on strategies you can undertake to respond to sales and demand patterns, conversion rate changes and inventory quality issues.

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