We track a range of different inventory opportunities & improvements

  • Respond quickly to critical errors affecting sales
  • Understand and plan work depending on the urgency of your quality recommendations
  • Achieve higher quality scores for your best selling categories, brands and products
  • Focus on your lost sales by optimising products with poor conversion rates
  • Track changes to your inventory
  • Quality evaluation reports to improve optimisation activity

Cleargro provides a strategic way to manage your inventory

Never let inventory quality get in the way of sales

Developed by ecommerce experts, Cleargro is designed to help you increase sales. If you focus your efforts on the best products then your optimisation costs go down and your sales go up.

Cleargro enables you to prioritise your work and ensure your best products are optimised first. It also means you will be quickly alerted to critical errors that will affect sales. Product titles, descriptions, images and pricing can easily drop in quality, either due to user error, updates or even when you are loading an inventory onto your system.

Cleargro constantly monitors and audits your inventory for mistakes that could be sales increase opportunities. They are divided into critical, moderate and advisory opportunities. This allows you to focus on the most important issues first, fixing problems that could quickly lead to sales.

Opportunities are re-evaluated every day so you can see whether any fresh opportunities have been identified or whether any content mistakes have occurred.

Every time a change is made to inventory you can set a marker in Cleargro to show when it was reviewed and by whom. This means you can easily see progress in optimising your inventory and identify when inventory was last reviewed. You can also use this feature to decide what products to optimise based solely on their review timestamp.

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